Cats benefit from CBD oil

CBD is also known under the technical term cannabidiol and appears in two different forms, one as a natural tincture and the other as a concentrated extract. Both the tincture and the extract come from the cannabis plant, because it has an extremely high proportion of cannabinoids, while the THC content is extremely low. As a result, the well-known intoxicating feeling or the actual “being high” arises with the help of this active ingredient.

The CBD oil is in turn made using a solvent. The process looks like this: A solution consisting of the substances butane, alcohol, ice water, olive oil and carbon dioxide is led directly into the cannabis plant. The cannabinoids, terpenes and trichomes are then extracted from both the leaves and stems of the cannabis plant. With the subsequent evaporation of the solvent, the oily concentrate, also known under the technical term CBD oil, can be formed.

Is it legal?

Most people often equate the products from the cannabis plant with marijuana, for example. However, this is a completely wrong assumption, because unlike, for example, intoxicants, CBD does not trigger intoxication. However, it must also be mentioned that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can certainly have such an effect on its consumers. This is due to the contained psychoactive ingredient. 

As a result, possession of such THC-containing products is also considered illegal. The possession of such THC-containing agents is only permitted by law in the case of a special medical case in combination with a special medical report and a correct prescription.

With CBD, on the other hand, there is no recorded psychoactive effect on humans or animals. For this reason, the CBD is a legal means for cats and, according to the German Medicines Act, can also be used as a dietary supplement. Even the European Union mentioned the positive effects of cannabidiol on both animals and humans.

However, not only cannabidiol plays an important role in the composition of the CBD products, but also many other substances. Because these are the crucial point in relation to the legality of cannabidiol. So there are some important points to keep in mind when owning the CBD. On the one hand, this includes the low THC content, which should always be below 0.2 percent. 

Should the product again be above the legally stipulated value, the sale of the CBD in free trade is not permitted. This regulation is also intended to prevent cats from experiencing a possible intoxication. On the other hand, CBD products are only sold to adults, i.e. to those over the age of 18. Furthermore, under no circumstances may potential healing promises be made on the part of the dealer.

Accordingly, it can be said that the purchase of CBD products intended for cats is legal in free trade. For this reason, as a customer, you do not have to worry too much about whether you are possibly committing a crime or violating the law.

What diseases and ailments can cats help with?

Seeing your own cat suffer is more than bad. In most cases, the use of CBD oil can alleviate or combat illnesses as well as psychological disorders. With regular and correct use, CBD oil can have positive effects on a cat’s body. Treatment with CBD is particularly suitable in the case of cancer, which often causes both severe and severe pain. Because not only does it relieve the pain, it also improves the well-being of the cats.

But CBD oil is also extremely effective in wound healing and possible infections. Because wound healing can be significantly promoted with the help of the anti-inflammatory effect. Furthermore, the joint pain that occurs with arthritis can also be combated. The active ingredient also shows a relaxing and anticonvulsant action, so that, for example, CBD oil can be used for tension or epilepsy in affected cats.

Other diseases or symptoms that can be alleviated by taking CBD include loss of appetite, indigestion and regular vomiting. Because CBD soothes the stomach with its active ingredient and also helps to relieve the whole body.

With the active ingredient cannabidiol, it is very easy to take away their suffering from the animals, because the cats relax with the intake of the CBD and feel pressure or stress less often. As a result, the quality of life can be significantly improved with the help of cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol appears in the form of a complex active ingredient, so that many areas of application are still unexplored. Therefore, CBD can possibly be administered for many other ailments or symptoms. 

But healthy cats also benefit from taking CBD, as it can ultimately also serve as a dietary supplement. Healthy cats feel fitter, more comfortable and less stressed. Keep your cat healthy and happy by protecting him from common cat problems. To find out more, head over to this website:

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