Old Field Rehab

Old Field

Located within the boundaries of Ohiopyle State Park are remnants of farm fields and old homestead sites. These fields are in various stages of succession. In order to keep a range of habitat for the diverse wildlife species, management plans must be prepared for the clearing and upkeep of some of this open habitat. After GPS evaluation is completed on the fields, a variety of techniques will be used to improve these sections for promotion of food and shelter for native species.

The plans will include treatment and removal of locust and multiflora rose along with day lighting of the remaining homestead apple trees and selective planting of food producing tree and herbaceous species. The fields will require periodic plowing and cutting to sustain the open space. Brush piles will be maintained to provide shelter for small game species.

This project will not only benefit the wildlife, but also the human user groups. Hunters and wildlife viewers alike will profit from the maintenance of these areas.

The donations required to make this project a success

Volunteer efforts for clearing and planting

Donations of seeds / tree shelters
Donations for Equipment for plowing