Ohiopyle Bourough

Ohiopyle Borough is located along Rt 381 near Ohiopyle Falls and is completely surrounded by Ohiopyle State Park. Originally called Falls City, the name was changed in 1881 to Ohiopyle when it was officially designated as a borough. Early industry not only included coal and lumber, but tourism as well, thanks to the scenic Ohiopyle Falls and accessibility via the railroad.

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Located directly in Ohiopyle Borough

Exciting things are happening in the little borough of Ohiopyle. Several initiatives are taking shape and it is important that everyone with interest in the community gets involved. A master site plan encompassing Ohiopyle Borough, Ohiopyle State Park, and parts of Stewart Township is in the works. We are currently forming teams which will help in things like…

Stewart on the Green currently serves as the town green space and playground. The existing equipment is out of date, non-accessible, and unsafe. The Friends of Ohiopyle has at this point raised $52,800 in grants and donations for the replacement of the equipment and surfacing. We are hoping to do a multi-step design which will look at renovating the entire green space to include things like fencing, landscaping, and pavilion.

Ohiopyle Green is a grassroots initiative in which Ohiopyle is actively seeking sponsorship. The hope is to receive
enough donations and discounts on green products that the 34 households and 21 associated businesses can go green.
We are hoping to become a model sustainable community which could then be used to educate the 1.4 million visitors which
pass through the park and borough each year. If you are interested in supporting this effort, please see the attached
sponsorship letter.

The Great Allegheny Passage Trail Town Public Art Program, which will unveil six public art installations in September, is in the running for a $15,000 My Hometown Helper grant. Ohiopyle is one of the chosen locations that will be receiving an art installation. Please show your support by visiting the following link and leaving a comment. The Trail Town Public Art Program is one of 12 Regional Connections projects of the Pittsburgh 250 celebration. If you have ideas for the art piece, please let Team Ohiopyle know.