Animal welfare is a concern for all those who have a certain empathy for animals. The importance of care and animal welfare has grown steadily in recent years. It is therefore not surprising that many trades are involved. Defenders of the animal cause, guarantors of their survival, evolution and protection or simply in charge of their comfort; whatever their function, professionals working with animals have become essential in today’s society.

According to the various rankings that regularly appear in the media, the veterinary profession still occupies an enviable place in the top of the professions that make people dream. Many young people wish to go into veterinary medicine when choosing their studies. The most motivated will certainly lead to a great career. But the job is not simple and other functions such as that of veterinary assistant revolve around the veterinarian in order to support him in his various tasks.

Other people also have to take care of animals in the course of their work. This is the case, for example, of the animal keeper in refuge, responsible for the comfort and surveillance of the various species that he/she is responsible for.
are entrusted in the hope of finding a new family.

Various professionals are involved to make life more beautiful for the animals. The animal groomer will put all his know-how at the service of beauty and animal hygiene, while the private animal keeper increase attention (walks, games, babysitting) towards pets. These types of services are increasingly developing, reflecting the interest in animals.

Animal Park Caregiver

The caregiver provides animal care in an animal park, reserve or zoo. Among other things, he is responsible for feeding the animals and ensuring that they and their environment are clean. On a daily basis, he cleans and disinfects cages and pens, prepares and provides the food and accessories necessary for care and writes reports on his observations of the animal’s behaviour. He is also generally responsible for stock and food orders. He will constantly ensure that the cages and pens are properly closed in order to guarantee the safety of all.

He works closely with the veterinarian and/or conservator to provide adequate daily care according to the instructions received. He can also be involved in other tasks and support other professionals in veterinary care, animal groups, births, etc. Depending on his workplace and the animal he cares for, he may also be called upon to carry out activities and shows designed to present the animal to the public. He shall ensure that he does not disturb or frighten the animal and that he establishes a complicity with it.

Finally, the professions related to animal protection are numerous and diversified. If the individual rangers or forest officer can be relied upon to observe wildlife and ensure enforcement, the concerning the territories assigned to them, the veterinary inspector will intervene during control visits or in the event of ill-treatment of any person who owns, sells or raises animals, by

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