Tips For Taking Good Pictures Of Birds

The photos of birds are fascinating, the variety of shapes, sizes and colors reveals the diversity of species and their adaptations to diverse habitats. However, their living, often secret nature makes them challenging to photograph.

Understanding the subject of your photography and knowing the best techniques for capturing it can yield incredible experiences and photos of devastating birds. However, not everything is flowers, you need to anticipate what can happen in this natural setting and keep your professional camera fit for these shots.

At the same time, since we’re talking about natural photos you might have to get a little dirty on your clothes and go around looking for your bird photos. Remember that your protagonists are not static and, at any moment, can disappear in front of your photographic lens.

To avoid wasting time and not get silly-looking when your bird goes flying, check out some tips to consider when you start photographing these infinitely interesting animals.


The photos of birds can be difficult, these flying protagonists of the photos can be found in virtually any setting. For you to have an idea, there are thousands of things that can steal the attention of the main character.

The bush, the grass, the tree, even other birds, can easily take the focus away from what you want to capture and thus throw all your work from the photos of birds in the trash. I know that some photographers will say that in all the photographs it is like this, but in the photos of birds this problem can appear with much more force.

To get around this situation identify the bird and try to isolate it from the rest of the scene, so your character will be more prominent in the image and you avoid anything that comes stealing attention in the scene.


Original Bird Photos
I agree with you that many professional photographers have already made photos of very incredible birds, but as the main factor to arouse emotions in an image, is its originality, it will not be very productive to try to reproduce other photos of birds. Hardly, you will be able to faithfully replicate the events and emotions of any other photo.

Instead of spending time trying to replicate what has already happened, why not focus on making photos of original birds? You’ll get incredible moments and awaken emotions that have not yet been experienced, an excellent bet for any professional bird photographer.


The birds are very agitated, they move in various directions, they fly, they run, they dive in the air or in the water, they land in the most unusual places and so on. Capturing good pictures of birds can be very difficult exactly because of this, you never know what our flying friends will be up to.

Try sketching your bird photos first in your mind, observing the behavior and trying to anticipate the bird’s next move. Anticipating the possible behaviors of the bird will manage to understand what you have to do to get good pictures of birds.


Pictures of birds let come to you
When you’re taking pictures of birds you might be tempted to run out after your target. However, your subject can fly and you can’t, so you probably won’t be able to reach it in time before it disappears into the landscape.

Unlike running around like a madman, try to lure the birds closer to you and enjoy taking pictures of amazing birds. To attract them try using bird food and try to stay as calm as possible, the slightest movement can scare them away.


Sometimes it is not possible to sit back and wait for the birds to come to you. Maybe you need to walk towards them and get closer to take great pictures of the birds.

With a few exceptions, getting close to these animals in nature can be tricky. Generally, they are ariscions and don’t allow humans to get too close. Similarly, any sudden movement can frighten them and cause them to fly away.

Pictures of birds can require a lot of patience. In order to be able to photograph your flying friend, approach him or her slowly, trying to camouflage yourself in the environment and avoiding noise or sudden movements. Easily, with a great deal of patience and a lot of silence you can get closer and ensure a good number of photos of birds.


Pictures of Birds stay until later
There’s no way for you to know when the bird pictures will appear, so it’s best to be prepared for when it happens. Arriving as early as possible in the observation area and staying the longest time available will help you get several photos of birds and even get different photos, with another perspective of the same animal.

Another point that deserves to be highlighted: don’t be afraid of bad weather. Most professionals who intend to take pictures of birds do not go out to work on rainy days. I know that with wet weather the challenges increase. You have to worry about the protection of your health and photographic equipment, besides, the terrain to take pictures of birds becomes very bad.

On the other hand, these days they usually appear to the best photos of birds. Different species and the hired of the rain drops add an incredible effect to your photos of birds. Don’t be afraid to get wet!